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Epic Winner Software Scam Review

What is Epic Winner Software?epic-winner-software

The Epic Winner Software at is a dangerous scam filled with lies as well as many incorrect details about the binary options trading. In this scam review we will be exposing this deceitful auto trading software that intend to swipe your money with incorrect numbers that does not connect to the binary options trading in any way.

Product Name: Epic Winner Software

Product Creator: Unknown

Price: FREE

Official Website:

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Epic Winner Software – Real SCAM?

The company and team behind Epic Winner Software did not reveal any sort of details concerning themselves and for that reason we have no suggestion that are they and which solutions they have actually developed in the past. That we do not know with which we are managing is a red flag for us and also we generally recommend everyone to stay away from services where you have no concept who the developers behind it is. Unlike the Centument LTD that you currently know that Gerald Reed is the creator behind, Citidel LTD and its creator Dr. Kent Grifly and even Tauribot APP that Dr. Steven Archer is the owner of it.

The Epic Winner Software is supplied absolutely free to the binary choices investors nonetheless, the minimal first deposit is $250 in order to trigger your trading account. They recommend that you will start with an initial deposit of $500 in order to obtain even more income. We absolutely do not concur with their statement that if you deposit even more money at the starting you will then acquire more revenues. Our ideas concerning this weird approach is that it’s certainly a way making you lose more cash into their accounts as opposed to offering the automated robot do the benefit you.

Although it’s a cost-free automated robot you could not allow them fascinated you with the lists they have provided during the discussion. Very first point first, they asserted that the profession sums are limited to $200 or at the maximum to $250 which is certainly improper and if you are a binary options trader for a day or more you most likely recognize that a lot of the brokers will let you place a trade with more than $1000 and much more, depending on your account balance.

In addition, they have said during the video that the Epic Winner Software robot randomizes the trades to ensure that they are undetected and also as a result the brokers actually lose money whilst you gain. Nowadays there is no such thing as “the broker will lose whilst you gain”, controlled brokers like the ones you could locate in our relied on brokers page are not dealing directly with you. In simple words, you are not trading against the brokers, the complete reverse, when you earn money, the broker earn money and more. Nevertheless, uncontrolled brokers will do anything it takes in order to drain your trading account since that in this case, when you earn money they lose. And also this is the difference between a regulated broker as well as scammers. And also for that reason, given that they have actually claimed this bad declaration we do think that of their brokers list are not regulated and also will do anything it requires to make you lose your deposit right into their accounts.


Throughout the video clip at the storyteller asserted that the Epic Winner Software robot could create up to 97.84 % winning rate. In the binary options market there is no probability to trade with this sort of ITM performance, period. During the last few weeks we have done a couple of performances assess regarding the leader’s auto trading solutions in the sector. For instance, if you review Centument LTD efficiency evaluation, Citidel LTD efficiency review and even the Tauribot APP performance testimonial you will certainly figure out that the maximum wining rate that you will certainly be obtaining with an automatic service in the binary options market will not cross the 86 %.

‘Real’ Testimonial from Fiverr Actor?

epic-winner-software-1In addition, if the Epic Winner Software is such a follower as a completely automated robot that can create thousands of bucks daily to its individuals, why should they employ a $5 paid actors from Fiverr to offer a “genuine testimonials” to back their product? If their automated robot’s results was as unbelievable as they assert wouldn’t they bring genuine trader to offers his real results? We can not locate a sensible factor for that other than that the Epic Winner Software is a fraud!

Bayesian-Binary-1The Epic Winner Software is not an actual auto trading solution that will certainly alter your life for the better, the complete opposite, it will certainly drain your trading account as quickly as you down payment. The Epic Winner Software is an unsafe solution that we aren’t sure who stands behind and also up until now all the realities pointing it’s a scam! Do not be deceived by their enthralled numbers and “genuine endorsements” because it’s all fake that objective to swipe your money. As well as a result we have no selection but to conclude that the Epic Winner Software is none besides a scam!

Looking For A Binary Real Deal?

We understand that not every software application on the marketplace might be relied upon in addition to end up being a fraud. Nonetheless do not be discouraged by this. If you are trying to find a binary options auto trader software or signal solution there are a few that consisted of high credibilities and also tried and tested tried and also checked out outcomes.

If you are looking for a qualified chance making money with binary options and trade on ‘Totally Automated’ Mode, we motivate you to visit binary options trusted signals from our partner site for a better idea in choosing the right auto trader. Copy Buffett Software is getting numerous recommendations and also great evaluations and our partner team is now into the 2nd week, with ITM performance of over 80 % ITM, it’s not “Free Forever” like numerous other scams you will discover in this industry, however it’s totally free with no obligations or dedications for 30 days throughout the trial period. Check out the Copy Buffett Review to find out more.

Thanks for reading our Epic Winner Software Scam Review today. Regularly remember to do your research, and also never ever before depend on a software application by its cover. It can look outstanding, yet there is no warranty that it functions.


Epic Winner Software Coming Soon

If you are one of the binary options traders, you might have heard about Epic Winner Software. Epic Winner Software is going to have a big launch on 8 Feb 2016, everyone is now guessing would it be a SCAM or REAL DEAL.

Epic Winner Software presentation claims that there is no shortage of scam out there, but nobody knows the truth. To all binary options traders out there, we will be releasing an honest review during the launching day and you may find all the details and information that you wanted to know. Please stay tune!